When Opportunity Knocks

Yesterday I was shooting an engagement session at Grape Bay, my favorite beach.  I was getting ready to go when I spotted my good friend and landscape artist extraordinaire, Gavin Howarth, scoping out the terrain with all his fancy gear. I went over to say hi and chat for a bit before I decided to go.  As I was walking away, I was looking at the beautiful light that was hitting the beach and I realized that I had a great opportunity to stay and catch something that could be quite spectacular.  Not to mention, I could put my new camera to the test. Thank God I stayed!  Grape Bay never disappoints.  What transformed before our eyes was more than spectacular and so cool to watch.  Watching a storm come across the horizon is one of my most favorite things to do in Bermuda.  We stayed until the last second and ended up getting drenched as we ran for our cars.  I was right, Gavin, it WAS coming our way!

Jenny Crooks - July 14, 2012 - 3:14 am

OMG!! Becky the photos at Grape Bay are spectacular!!!!
I would like to purchase a couple….let me know how to proceed!
Jenny C.

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