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helpWe know that there are times when you need help ordering school photos online…and customer service is asleep!  “Sorry about that…” It is rare that we are asked for help ordering photos…but if there is just one out there that needs help, we felt it would make sense to add the below photo ordering steps.There are two things you need to know…before you can order photos:

  1. Your email address
  2. Your gallery password.  If you have forgotten your gallery password, please email

To log into your order, please CLICK HERE and locate your gallery.  If you do not locate your gallery, it is either not up yet…or…it has already expired.  Feel free to contact us.

Once you log into your gallery, you can order photos two ways:

1.     View the image in the “thumbnail size” as you see when your gallery opens.  Move your curser over the image and choose the “first” round icon to the right which is labeled “Buy this image”.  (DO NOT CHOOSE “Add to Wish List” or “Add to Image List” you are buying an image.)



2.     Click on the “thumbnail size” image and enlarge it.  Once enlarged you will see to the right “Buy this image”.


Once you complete either item 1 or 2 above, following the following items:

  • Once you tick “Buy this image” you will see I want to buy: tick on “A Print” and then tick on the type of paper “Lustre”


  • Here you will be given the option to Choose either your Package, Photo Size or JPG image you wish to order.


  • Once you have chosen your photo package (or size) it will now be shown in the bottom left hand corner.
  • Please confirm that the Image, Package and Quantity is correct.  If so…tick “Add to cart” at the bottom right.
  • You will now see a (1) next to “My Cart” at the top!  There you go….
  • Now…if you wish to order more images…just follow the same process..

REMINDER: If you have ordered a Package A or B (any package that comes from with a FREE Class Photo), remember to choose this photo…and instead of choosing a Package or Photo Size…choose “Free Class Photo $0” to receive your photo.  Don’t forget you can only choose a Free Class Photo…if you order one of the appropriate packages, typically an A or B.

Ready to complete your order and check out?

  • Click on “My Cart” at the top of the page…and re-review your order.


Did you remember your Free Class Photo with your Package A or B?

If all looks good…tick “Check Out” at the bottom of the page…and follow the steps.

Remember if you are in Bermuda, your shipping method should be “I want to pick up order” and choose your school!

Please confirm your order…

As for payment, we always suggest bank transfer…but feel free to choose one of the other methods.

If you have any problems with the above process, do not hesitate to email

Banking Details

Where do I forward payment?  The order confirmation email you received would have given you the Butterfield Bank details, but if you cannot locate your order, here it is: Butterfield Bank Account #: 06 0000 5650 025.  Please note that some HSBC customer express some confusion as it appears that they HSBC system is not used to the NEW 13 digit Butterfield Business Account number.  This account number is correct so please do not add any numbers at the beginning or end 🙂  Thank you…

We hope that the above step by step process has helped..



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