“I just want to say – WOW! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!  Thank you for your beauty, grace, sense of humor, amazing eye, and beautiful attitude.  I am SO deeply grateful that you took our wedding.  There are too many things you captured that make me/us/everyone look beautiful & meaningful, and full of the joy of the day!  I relive your wedding with total amazement and joy.  These beautiful photos blow my mind!”

– Susan Convery


“Becky – I thought you’d like to read one of the typical reactions to your photos of us  – – –  “I am sitting here at my computer crying as I look at your wedding photos…your love for each other is so evident and so beautiful.  Your photographer was so far above any I have ever experienced.””

– Todd & Sabrina Berger


“I just wanted to let you know how much people have been singing your praises.  I wish I could record my phone conversations for you.  Everyone – – and I mean everyone! – – has called to tell us how beautiful the photographs are… if not THE most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen.   I really cannot properly convey just how sincere and astonished they have all been…  but I figured I’d try   :)”

– Angela Russo


Leanne and I are both overwhelmed by the pictures. You really did an outstanding job. Everyone asks us where the bad ones are and are surprised when we tell them that this was every picture you took. You truly found your calling. We are pimping you out to all our friends and family so you get more business!”

– Keith Velotta


“Oh my gosh Becky, there are NO words to describe how THRILLED I am with these absolutely beautiful pictures!  You captured ALL the emotions from the day and the shots are STUNNING – I honestly could not be ANY happier!! You are the most talented photographer and we are SO lucky to have had your unbelievable eye for our wedding – Thank You A Million Times!!  Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making the most gorgeous memories from our perfect day – you’re amazing!!

– Randy Retter


“I haven’t even seen half of them yet and I am IN LOVE!!!  Thank, Thank, Thank, Thank You!!! Oh Wow!!  Soooo Amazed!!! I don’t even own enough photo frames!!!  THIS is exactly why I chose you!!!  Love, Love, Love, Love…”

– Michelle Lightbourn


“Just wanted to say how beautifully touching your work is. Browsing thru the photos, not only was I struck by the purity of the spirit in the moment of your subjects, but the experience of both sight and sound allowed me to stroll through the memories of my own family and those special moments that life graces us with so briefly. I was moved to tears…congratulations on not only the page design, but the sensitivity that you posses to inspire such photographic works of art”

– Brian Finkle



“We wanted to thank you so much for the absolutely amazing photos.  You captured everything perfectly.  You really captured the real us.  We had such a blast with you and you made it easy for us to have fun.”

– Kristen & Mike


“We are so glad we chose you as our photographer! Mike and I spent almost 2 hours looking at the pictures last night and just reliving all the events of the day.  You were able to capture all the romance and joy of the day, along with the beauty of Bermuda.  We both said we would recommend you to anyone.  You’re definitely worth the plane ticket to the states if you wanted to leave Bermuda for a few days…”

– Jenine (Faith) DeStefano


“Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know we received the proof book yesterday and we are absolutely delighted with it.  Also, just wanted to let you know of some of the comments we have received from our friends/family after looking at the pictures: “Wow wow wow”; “Seriously fantastic pictures”; “Amazing photos”; “the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen” – basically Becky, everybody was totally and utterly impressed with your work!!  So thank you again and again!!”

– Lisa O’Connor-Dalton


“Becky, Thank you so much for all that you have given our family. We are truly blessed by you.  Thank you for blessing us with your love and talent with photography.  Your work will bless us a lifetime…it means so much to us.”

– The Parks Family


“We just received our Wedding Album.  It is unbelievably gorgeous!!!  The colors are so clear and it takes me right back to that wonderful day!  Thank you so much!  We will truly treasure it always!  The cover is lovely and the entire layout just flows beautifully.  Thank you again Becky!  I hope someday soon we will come back to Bermuda and we can have the opportunity to work with you again!

– Liz Menzie Crotty


“We would like to thank you for everything you did.  You were a perfect fit for our Bermuda Wedding, we are so happy that you were able to be our photographer!  We love your style, professionalism and creativity.  You are an amazing photographer who can capture the beauty of each moment, making our wedding a story that will be remembered forever.”

– Dora & Andy Wong