Preschool School Orders

PreschoolSchool Order Information

For parents looking to order School Packages, please find below the available packages for school portraits.

To view your School Gallery…please click on Clients / Proofing above.  Any questions regarding your order or log in details, please forward to

REMINDER: When logging in to view your images, you MUST use your own email address and the password given by the photographer.  If you have misplaced your password, please email

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1.  When ordering a School Package A or B, please remember to choose a FREE Class Photo.  The FREE Class Photo is only available with a School Package A or B. Class photos are only free when ordered within the deadline and with the original order.   If you forget to add it to your order, you will forfeit the free photo.

  • Place Class Group Photo in your Cart
  • Under Print Sizes, choose Free Class Photo $0.00
  • This will now be added to your order

IMPORTANT: Packages A & B are one (1) image.  You cannot choose multiple images to make up a Package A or B.  Choose your favorite and remember, if you have more than one favorite, you can always choose other single images also (i.e. 8×10, 5×7, etc.). 

2. Please note that because all Bermuda School packages will be delivered to each school once completed, you DO NOT need to include Shipping with your order.  If you choose shipping, you will be charged for shipping, which is unnecessary unless you are requesting your images be shipped anywhere other than Bermuda.

3. ORDER NUMBER. When you place your order online, you will receive an Order Number via email.  Please remember to include this order number with your form of payment (online transfer, cash or cheque.)

The available School Packages are as follows:

Package “A” – $40.00

1 – 8×10 photo
2 – 5×7 photos *
8 – wallet size photos *
1 – 5×7 class photo

Package “B” – $35.00

1 – 5×7 photo
4 – 3.5×5 photos
1 – 5×7 class photo

Package “C” – $20.00

2 – 5×7 photos *

Package “D” – $12.00

8 – wallet size photos *

* Images are printed on 1 (one) sheet, uncut.

In addition to the above packages additional images sizes are available under image sizes.

HAVING PROBLEMS ORDERING ONLINE: If you are having problems ordering online, please visit our ORDER HELP page, or click the “Tour On” button…when you are in our gallery. (see below image) A tour of how to order will appear.


When you are ready to turn the Tour Off, tick here..


Portrait Pricing (after School Package Pricing has expired)

Once the above school packages expire, the following “Portrait Pricing” will be available:

Wallets* 2.5×3.5 – $12.00

4×6 – $10.00

5×7 – $15.00

8×10 – $30.00

* Images are printed on 1 (one) sheet. For other size availability, please contact our offices.

Typical order turn around time is 6-8 weeks.

To begin the order process CLICK HERE and log into your Gallery.  Remember to use “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” and the password provided by the photographer.

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Thank you!