Playdate in a Prison

Several times a year I get together with my photography BFFs for a “playdate”.  A playdate for us is exploring a location we have not been to before, trying out new techniques or equipment that we can not practice on the job, new posing ideas, etc.  A lot of the time this involves trespassing. This time though, we were good kids and got permission… thanks to Ed and Andrew Harris.

We chose Casemates as our location for this session.  Casemates is the old prison built in the 1830s.  It is now part of the National Museum of Bermuda.  A lot of Bermudians remember the prisoners hanging out of the windows and yelling at the passersby. Currently, it is being restored to be used as a museum so we wanted to capture it as is before it changes too much. And we just like to explore… It was a beautiful day for the shoot. I have to say, those prisoners had some of the best views in Bermuda!  Thanks so much to Ed and Andrew for allowing us the opportunity.  I see a Trash the Dress session here in the near future… anybody game?

We found this vintage, old luggage in one of the rooms… I guess someone was in a hurry to leave!

These stone steps, and the way the light was hitting them, reminded me of Italy or maybe Greece… ‘sigh’

You could still see a lot of the “artwork” that the prisoners wrote on the walls… lots of which was not appropriate to post here.


Look at their view!

However, the best view in the world does not make it worth living behind these…

It was not as creepy as I thought it would be wandering the halls of a prison. I actually thought it quite interesting. I loved the texture and dimensions of the hallways. The architecture, all done by hand, was pretty amazing.

We even saw a ghost… do you see it?

But my most favorite part of all (nerd that I am), and the nicest surprise, was finding this old bike with practically a spotlight on it. Pretty neat, huh? Or is it just me?

Thanks for sharing in my adventure…

Barbara Sam - September 18, 2012 - 10:48 pm

Good Evening,

I am writing to inquire of your engagement packages. I will be in Bermuda in December from the 15th to the 1st of January 2013. I was wondering if I could book an engagement session with you between those times?

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