Mel and Nick Trash the Dress

A “trash the dress” session usually includes two locations and does not necessarily have to be at the beach. It can be anywhere.  It also doesn’t necessarily mean you really have to trash your dress. It just seems that my brides like to.  I am all for it!  After all, you only wear it once.  Actually, they have all told me later that, after being cleaned, their dress was as good as new.  When I shot Mel and Nick’s engagement session in St. George’s, we had so many ideas that we couldn’t fit them all in one session so we decided to go back for the trash the dress session.  We brought lots of props, which I highly recommend for any session.  We even found an old truck that made for a fun, different back drop.  We ended up at Cooper’s Island for the most beautiful summer light…and a little swim.


Rebekah F - March 16, 2011 - 10:53 pm

Stunning shots!

Tiffany Grinestaff - June 15, 2011 - 1:47 am

Well where do I start, I guess right where it all started, RUNNING OF THE BRIDES BOSTON 2O11, my dress was the steal of the day, the very last dress to be found and the very last to be purchased almost 10 hours of scrambling with my team of 5 and after trying on literally hundreds of dresses, we found “the one” employees and other brides were determind to find me a dress and the celebration was featured on tv, print, and online that dress is well almost a celebrity all by itself! My husband and I had a ritzy city wedding in May and well in all honestly I have always been a fan of the whole beach thing…soooo since we will be honeymooning in Bermuda in August why not trash that dress the way it deserves to be trashed, I’m looking for something totally over-the-top! Thoughts, rates, info, etc! Totally open mid-week off peak times in the interest of time and cost of your talent!

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