Loooong Overdue

Hello, hello?  Are you still there?  I don’t blame you for abandoning me.  I wouldn’t stick around on a blog that doesn’t get updated either.  Well, I AM still here and grateful that you stopped by.

After starting the year with the flu for three weeks then going right into surgery on my right arm (my shooting, photoshopping, blogging arm) for tendonitis, which put me off work for two months,  I was finally ready to get back to work.  However, then my computer crashed and I had to put it back together from scratch, even though I had a complete back up (loooong story).  There is more that followed but I won’t bore you.  Let’s just say 2013 is challenging me to the hilt.  I pretty much gave up on the blogging at that point as I was thrown straight into wedding season and catching up with my portrait clients.  I am now halfway through my wedding season and sort of just coming up for air.

So thanks for sticking around.  I have lots to blog, if I can only get it on the actual blog and out of my head.  I will start with a very cute couple who are getting married next year.  I love their St. George’s engagement session.  They wore Cup Match colors because Giles is from St. George’s and Danielle is from Somerset.  The wedding is in Somerset so we decided to do the e session in St. George’s….one of my all time favorite places to shoot.  It is so quaint and the alleyways, old buildings and walls are so rich in colors and textures.  I love how the colors pop in this session. Enjoy!

Lindsey - July 11, 2013 - 6:44 pm

Becky….SOOOOO funny that today you blogged…I was looking at your site last night and said to Jay…where has Becky been on her blogging promise…now i know…you had a crazy start to 2013! Here’s hoping that the rest of the year is a little less stressful and i look forward to your blogs to come! x

admin - July 14, 2013 - 10:20 am

Thanks so much, Lindsey!

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