Just in the Nick of Time!

Since it is a rainy day today, I decided to blog my one rainy wedding of the year.  This was the gorgeous wedding of Caroline and Keith at 64 Degrees and The Port Royal Golf Course. I knew on my way to the wedding that there was no way we were going to avoid the rain, however, we all had no idea just what was in store for us!  Luckily, the sun popped out for a beautiful ceremony and the first half of the photos at the Fort.  Then, as we were getting to the cliff side photos, we realized we were surrounded on all sides by rain and it was coming fast.  Caroline and Keith were so easy going and just so happy to finally be married that they took the whole thing quite casually.  The rain actually gave us quite the dramatic shots. We ended up racing to get back and did get a few drops on us before it really dumped.  Luckily, we got the bride under the tent just in the nick of time!

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Shannon Lefevre - January 7, 2018 - 10:34 pm

Those photos are GORGEOUS! That setting is absolutely outstanding!

Total Cuteness

I am sort of sad that I am meeting so many wonderful families this summer just as they are leaving the island.  I wish I had met them sooner.  The O’Mahonys are another family on their way out.  In fact, we got their session done just in the nick of time…they left two days later.  Maria told me I would have very little time since the 6 month old twins were not going to last very long. Instead, they had me in stitches with their antics and gave me lots of time.  They were so adorable.  I had taken school photos of their older daughter before so I knew she would be a great model. What a beautiful family!

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Mini Sessions

Being a mom myself, I know how hard it is to stay current with photos of your kids.  A mini portrait session is a great way to keep up with your child’s growth and milestones.  They grow so fast and change so much in the first year that you really need to do more then just your yearly family session.  Four months is a great time because their personality comes alive and they are all smiles,  at six months they are sitting up, then crawling and then walking.  A mini session is a quick half hour session to capture those moments that you can’t get back. It includes 20 photos and the disc.

Our model today, to show you an example of this, is Little Nila who just celebrated her first birthday.  She was so ready to ham it up for me and give me all her “looks” and then get on to lunch and play time. Happy Birthday, Nila!

Best Friends Forever

Kyla and Philip have been best friends since they were 2 months old; they are practically brother and sister.  Kyla’s Mom, Jenn, has looked after Philip since he was a baby.  All the parents are also good friends.  Sadly, Philip and his family are leaving Bermuda so Jenn wanted to do a session with both families together and especially the BFFs.  I could really see the bond between the two families.  They had a lot of fun playing, singing and dancing at Grape Bay.  Capturing 2 two-year-olds at dinner time is nearly impossible but Kyla and Philip were great models!

F Hanekom - August 10, 2011 - 6:30 am

brilliant! you have special talent

And Away We Go…

Bermuda has always been sort of a transient place. With tourists coming and going, ex pats here and then gone, and the Bermudians flying off all the time, things are constantly changing.  This summer it has been more so then ever. With the economy the way it is, things have changed quite a bit in Bermuda this year.  We are seeing more people leaving then ever.  I have spent a good portion of my summer taking pictures for families that want to capture their Bermuda memories before they leave.

The Crellin family is one of those families that decided to move on.  They spent a lot of their days in Bermuda at Elbow Beach climbing rocks, building sand castles, having races and playing in the waves. Here are some of the photos of them doing what they love.

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