Here We Go Again…

Well, it looks like it is going to be another busy summer photographing families leaving Bermuda.  I find this very sad.  I was going to go into my whole song and dance about what I think about this but I think it is best if I leave it at that.  The positive thing is that I am meeting a lot of wonderful families…. The Geraghty Family being one of them.  Stephanie and I had been trying for ages to do a session and it took them having to leave for it to actually happen.  I took Mia’s picture at her school and she is quite photogenic.  I loved her umbrella.  Ben was not sure what was going on but was a good sport for his first modeling gig.  He is just adorable.  We had a fun time at Tucker’s Point Beach.

Juanita Preston - May 17, 2012 - 12:02 am

Stephanie and Kevin. Wonderful, beautiful family pictures. Thank you for Sharing.

Katrina and Duncan

Wedding Season is off to a great start this year with three weddings under my belt so far. Katrina and Duncan kicked it off with a fabulous wedding at Commissioner’s House in Dockyard, one of my most favorite venues.  The weather was PERFECT and has been for all my weddings so I hope this is a trend for the year….fingers crossed!

Katrina wore a beautiful dress that flowed in the breeze like butterfly wings and Duncan wore a kilt to honor his Scottish roots (and tried to flash me all day…no just kidding but you do have to be careful posing a man in a kilt!).  They had all their favorite people there for a beautiful ceremony and dinner by sunset and then it was off to Salt Rock Grill to party where all of Somerset joined them…even some uninvited guests.  Everyone had a great time…some more then others (but I promised Claire I wouldn’t mention her name). Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Barclay!!

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This post is a tearjerker…at least for me anyway.  I am still trying to get my website updated and have been going through lots of old photos. I found these of my boys yesterday and it almost makes me want to have one more baby….but not quite.  It does make me miss those days and sad that they have grown up so fast.  Just another reason you need to take TONS of photos of your children.  These images also make me realize how far my photography has come… some of these are from my very first days as a digital photographer. Sniff, sniff….

In Yosemite… the first one very sweet and the second is the start of Dylan telling his brother what to do…

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Being a photographer is pretty darn cool I have to say. Sometimes I get to photograph in some really gorgeous locations. Well, living and working in Bermuda I guess technically I get to work in a gorgeous location all the time, huh?  You are absolutely right, I should NOT take it for granted and believe me I don’t. Thank you for that reminder.

Now back to my blog post… today I wanted to give a “shout out” (did I really say that?) to my good friend Kyria. She is a yoga teacher here in Bermuda and a very good one at that. Being her friend, I have had the pleasure of literally watching her bloom, just like the lotus flower (like that analogy, huh?).  She has really found her calling and is helping so many of us to become better yogis.  Recently, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of one of her classes at Flatts Fitness for her new website. This is where the really cool location comes in.  Flatts is the most amazing place in Bermuda to do yoga! It is just so serene and has THE BEST view.  Yoga out on the deck is divine… you must try it! Namaste.

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Congratulations Ted and Carol!

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple this week who snuck off to Bermuda to get married and did not tell their families..and they are in their 60s! Ted and Carol have been together for 17 years and decided to finally tie the knot on their Bermuda vacation. They had a very private ceremony at City Hall and then Ted surprised Carol with a carriage ride to the Rosedon Hotel, where they were staying for the night. He had hired me for a mini session to capture them in their very romantic carriage. They had a wonderful Bermuda moment when they excited the carriage.. their driver serenaded them!  We all had tears in our eyes because it was so unexpected and so beautiful.  I tell you, Bermudians are just good people. Much happiness to you Ted and Carol!