A Gorgeous Trash the Dress

Oh how I love Trash the Dress sessions!  Especially when the bride and groom are up for anything as Holly and Mark were.  When we booked the session, Holly said she was not going in the water and I am so glad she had a change of heart.  Grape Bay gave me my beautiful light, as always.  It really is a magical beach.  Parts of the beach looked like another planet this time because of the hurricanes taking away a lot of the sand.  You never know what you are going to get this time of year.  This is the first TTD Session that the maid of honor came along and she was right there in the water too!  Thanks guys for being such troopers.  I know that water was a bit cold but I think it was worth it.

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Life is all about connection and you see that in full bloom at a wedding.  It is the one place that a couple gathers everyone that is dear to them to share one of the most precious moments of their life.  I still cry at weddings.  And I also laugh out loud (especially during the speeches).  My goal on a wedding day is to freeze in time all those moments that cause laughter or tears so that when you look at your wedding images 20 years from now, you will once again feel the emotion that you felt on that day. I hope that these images make you laugh, cry or just feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Introducing Connor

This little guy was lucky to go home with his parents because I just wanted to keep him. He was the best little boy for our session. He posed like a true professional.  There is something about boys named Connor, they are just cool. Welcome to the world Connor… I see big things for you in your future! xx

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Have the Courage to Touch the Butt!

Let’s have a heart to heart, shall we? You may not remember me, but I am Becky Spencer.  I used to post on this blog long ago before life took over all my time. Well, actually, I went on vacation in August and then came back with a lot of catching up to do and now here I am, almost three months later, finally coming back to my blog. Wow! I am not a blogger!  That has become abundantly clear to me and I am sure to you as well.  My colleagues that blog weekly, or some even daily, amaze me.  How do they do it?  It is not that I don’t want to blog, it is just that I can find so many better things to do with my time…like spending time with my family and friends, being in nature, exercising or reading a good book…. oh, and taking pictures.  And if I am being honest (and we are having this heart to heart), I sort of resent that I HAVE to blog at all.  I remember the days when blogging did not exist.  It used to be that you had a website that people went to to see your work (mine is STILL a work in progress…more on that in another post) and that was all.  Now, blogging is “the thing” to do and if you don’t blog then you are left in the dust.  And don’t get me started on Facebook and how you don’t exist if you are not on Facebook because I just might say a bad four letter word and I don’t want to do that to you.

I am just going to say it….I find blogging tedious. I don’t think you realize how much time goes into producing a blog post: picking out the images, putting them in a file, renaming them, resizing them, watermarking them, putting them in an artistic gallery, writing the text, etc., etc. blah, blah, blah.  I know you need to be able to see my recent work and get to know me before you choose me to be your photographer, but can’t we just talk on the phone or meet and have a real conversation? Remember when we used to do that?  Those were the days.  I really want to go back to a simpler life…I crave it.  Don’t you feel a bit overstimulated too?

So why am I going on about this and what the heck does my title mean?  Well, there is usually a method to my madness.  My husband would probably not agree with that statement, however.  I am writing this because I want to explain my absence and to admit my shortcomings as a blogger.  BUT…people can change and I embrace change. I recently saw a quote on Pinterest… and let’s not go there either… that struck me and prompted this post.  I am sure if you have kids as I do, then you have seen Finding Nemo at least 100 times, as I have.  There is a scene in which he decides to disobey his father and go and touch the “butt” (boat).  So if Nemo can have the courage to “touch the butt” then I can muster up the courage to change my ways and my thoughts about blogging and make an effort. But please don’t expect miracles… I am a work in progress as we all are.

So that being said, I hope you also find the courage to “touch the butt” in some way in your life….but keep it clean people!  I will follow with a “real” post with some pretty pictures so we can get back on track. Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for me and my blog. Fingers crossed!




Sweet and Simple at Coco Reef

Melissa and Joe had a sweet and simple wedding at Coco Reef this summer.  They came over on a cruise ship with 45 of their favorite people.  I love intimate weddings like this.  They were able to really enjoy their day and their guests without the stress of having to manage a large group.  They were blessed with the most Bermudaful day too.  All in all it was the perfect day for a wedding. Congratulations!

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